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21 May 2017

Zoldmali Zolna of Zoltarous X HJCH Loubard de la Lande de Bourberouge


Health testing

HUU clear by parentage

Hip score - 6/8

Elbow score - 0/0

Forest is the puppy we kept from the litter we bred from Zolna in 2017.  

He was the largest puppy in the litter and has slowly grown into his feet!  

He is a bumbling buffoon who is keen to please and a joy to train!   

We look forward to seeing how this young man develops. 

Member of Team GB Derby Team Vizsla European Cup (Hungary) October 2018. 

Member of Team GB Vizsla European Cup (Italy) September 2019.

Graded Good at HWVA GPT March 2020. 

Awarded First at The Weimeraner Association Novice Field Trial December 2020.  

4th AA HVC December 2021.

4th AA HWVA November 2022.

Crufts 2022 - 2nd Special Working Gundog Dog, 5th BASC Any variety HPR for Working Gundogs Best Dog, 1st Gamekeepers Team Competition (member of Canalgame Team).

Available at stud to select health tested bitches.

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