Genlusa Mini Wilma of Zoltarous

Genlusa Mini Sofia x Qualit-Quast Paddington Von Hanishan

10th July 2017

Health testing

Lafora disease - N/N - Clear 

Cone rod dystrophy - N/N - Clear

Progressive retinal atrophy - N/N - Clear

Wilma is a Red Brindle Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund, she joined us as a puppy from Debby Wearings Genlusa kennel.  She is such a character.  Do not be fooled by the small size/short legs!  

Wilma thinks she is in charge of the pack and enjoys keeping the vizsla in line.  She has recently been taught to do blood tracking making her a valuable asset to the working team too! All this in a dog weighing less than 5kg!   

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