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10 January 2011

Leiborschy Mila of Zamiyla x Starshot Harvest Moon


Health testing

Hip score 8/4


Rufous is a human in a hairy coat, he never fails to make me smile with his silly antics, he is a bit of a buffoon, but such a loveable character.

He was lightly shown as a youngster and competed at agility.

I started to work him on the shoot at home, and despite receiving no prior gundog training he has flourished into a first rate picking up dog, has been taken beating on local shoots, and is also regularly used as a stalking dog – mainly on roe, fallow and muntjac. 


He is very popular on the shoot and takes it upon himself to meet and greet the guests, introducing them to the joys of a HWV! 


Show results

Paignton Championship Show 2/7/11 – 4th Puppy.  Linda Upton.

Midland Counties Championship Show 28/10/11 – 2nd Puppy. Peter Upton. 

Crufts 2012 – 2nd Puppy

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