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European Cup 5-7 October 2018 - Hungary

Tarka, Forest and I were very lucky to be chosen to be members of the Wirehaired Vizsla Team for Team GB.

We had a fabulous time - met some lovely people and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity.

Tarka was a member of Team GB. This involves running in two field trials (Friday and Sunday), completing a water retrieve and also taking part in a dog show.

The fields we ran on were vast and Tarka did well to cover the ground on her run on Friday, she found a bird and was on point but unfortunately by the time the judges and gun arrived the bird had made its bid for freedom. We were then taken back 50yards to hunt again and unfortunately our time was up before we managed to regain the ground on the bird! She completed the water test well and was graded Very Good in the show. All of the different parts of the competition gain points for the team.

Team GB wire-haired Vizsla came 8th out of 12 countries.

Forest was running in the Derby which is a competition (not included in the European Cup) for young dogs. They are to show their hunting ability and hopefully find some game. I was very pleased with how Forest went - he stopped when asked when a hare ran and covered the ground beautifully. The judge admired him but commented that his body was too fast for his nose at the moment! A fair statement!

Despite the long journey - we covered over 2000miles - we had a fantastic time, but the dogs were pleased to be able to stretch their legs again when we got home!

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